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Vicious Little Darlings
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Sarah Weaver wasn't looking forward to starting at an all-girls college. But that was before she met Maddy. Maddy and her best friend, Agnes, are fun and rich and interesting—and for some reason, they seem to really like Sarah. Before long, Maddy and Agnes have moved Sarah into a big house off campus, where they cook together, buy each other presents, and share each other's secrets. So why does Sarah feel like something's bizarrely wrong? As more and more cracks start to show in Maddy and Agnes's perfect veneer, Sarah notices some strange and disturbing things: Maddy's compulsive lying, Agnes's obsession with Maddy, and the deterioration of the girls' relationship. And just when Sarah begins to question her own sanity, shocking secrets come to light that will turn their friendship into a deadly battle.

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IndieBound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million

IndieBound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million

Bloomsbury USA Children's Books, Hardcover, June 2011, ISBN: 978-1599906287
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books, Paperback, June 2012, ISBN: 978-1599908540


Vicious Little Darlings

"It's a constant who's manipulating whom, with secrets, sexual tension and a Gypsy's deadly prediction always at the forefront, as the story's slow burn finally explodes. It's all given immediacy and subtle sarcasm through Sarah's first-person narration, which will have readers second-guessing throughout. It's clear someone has to die, but just who it will be keeps readers wondering to the very end."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"... the plot provides twists and turns that change reader perception of who's trustworthy and who's a villain until the story reaches its violent and inevitable conclusion...there's a classic B-movie thrill to the all-girls horror. Readers with a taste for psychodrama...can tuck in for some titillation here."
   —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

What bloggers are saying...

"...it's a clever thriller that insinuates itself into your head and leaves you with a simultaneous sense of dread and relief as you read on. It's simply very dark and strangely compelling. It's the author's first novel and I'm intrigued enough to want to see what she writes next."
   —What Sarah Reads blog

"Suspenseful and eerie, this is easily one of my top favourite books of the year. Lastly, because I can NOT praise it enough I would say it was a mind-blowing read. I still feel shocked and disturbed. I want, no I NEED more books from Katherine Easer."
   —Oops I Read That Book! blog

"I love, love, loved this novel. It was so gritty. Easer let loose in this debut. She didn't hold back on the cursing, sexual description, or the sheer violence in the novel. For that she is now on my favorite YA authors list and I will be anxious to read anything else she puts out."
   —Reading, Writing and Waiting blog

"I never knew what was going to happen and I loved it! I could not put the book down at all..."
   —Book Loving Mommy blog